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CERT Triage refrence

Triage levels

Triage levels are inconsistent in emergency medicine.  Here is some research on the topic along with some citations on where this information was found.

Dead or untreatable critical injury: (Common)

  • Black (the color)
  • Blue light (A device emitting blue light)
  • Dead
  • Deceased
  • Expectant
  • Morgue
  • Priority 0
  • Symbol of cross on a shovel indicating death and burial

Alive, critical injury: (Common)

  • Red (the color)
  • Immediate
  • Priority 1
  • Picture of a rabbit running

Alive, serious but non-critical injury: (Common)

  • Yellow (the color)
  • Delayed
  • Observation
  • Priority 2
  • Picture of a turtle

Alive, Minor injury:(Uncommon)

  • Green (the color)
  • Hold
  • Wait
  • Minor
  • Ambulatory
  • Walking wounded
  • Priority 3
  • Picture of a circular "no" symbol over a picture of an ambulance

Alive, injuries don't require attention: (Rare)

  • White (the color)


CERT Basic Training Powerpoint presentation: Immediate(red), Delayed(Yellow), Minor(Green), Dead (Black)
Unit 3: Disaster medical opperations

Immediate, Delayed, Dead
Page. 4

P-0 Deceased (black),P-1 Immediate(red),P-2 Delayed(yellow),P-3 Hold (green)

Olathe CERT Handbook: Immediate, Delayed, Dead

Olathe CERT Medical director checklist: Immediate(red), Delayed(yellow), Dead(black), Walking wounded (green)

Fema CERT Training: Immediate, Delayed, Dead

FEMA triage: Immediate (red), Delayed(yellow), ambulatory(green), expectant(black)

Wikipedia triage: Immediate(red), Delayed(yellow), Minimal(green) (or minor), Expectant(black)
Triage tag, 2014

(0,1,2,3 with symbols instead of text)
Mettag medical triage tag system

Hospital triage color code system:Black (expectant), red(immediate),Yellow(observation),green(wait),white(non-injured)

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